Our Mission

Nurturing lifelong careers for women in tech through mentorship, open dialogue, and sharing wisdom across generations

What We Do

  • We provide a community of open dialogue and peer mentoring for students and professionals in the tech industry.
  • We provide a platform to create real and meaningful relationships.
  • We showcase role models that inspire women to excel in their tech careers.
  • We empower women through shared wisdom, strength and guidance.

Our Values

  • WGI firmly believes that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to give.
  • Everyone has the potential to be brilliant.
  • Diversity includes not just diversity of gender, but diversity of experiences, culture and thought.
  • We empower one another through conversation, collaboration and community

Our Partners

Our events are funded by local and national companies that support diversity and inclusion, increasing the pipeline of female tech talent, and retaining their current female workforce.

What to Expect at Our Events

At the welcome table attendees will sign in and receive a flyer on the facilitators and the table topics. The attendee decides on what table
they would like to sit at based on their interests. Examples of past table topics include:

  • Chasing Strategy In An Execution World
  • Trust me, I’m Agile
  • Navigating a Career in Programming without a CS Degree
  • Innovation or Die
  • BI, Data Science, and Master Data Management

The peer to peer discussion session will last about 90 minutes. Facilitators will lead discussion along the topic assigned to the table.

It is the facilitator’s responsibility to lead discussion along the topic assigned to the table. However, open dialog is strongly encouraged among everyone at the table.

Everyone should come away with an actionable item. The attendees should have items that they can implement to make their to make their professional and/or personal life better.

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